The Council of Europe Action Plan for Belarus 2019-2021 has been adopted in Strasbourg

The Council of Europe Action Plan for Belarus 2019-2021 has been adopted by the Committee of Ministers on July, 10 in Strasbourg.

This Action Plan is a strategic programming instrument that aims to bring Belarus’s legislation, institutions and practices further into line with European standards in the areas of human rights, the rule of law and democracy.

 In this Action Plan the Council of Europe and the authorities of Belarus agree to jointly foster, through co-operation programmes, dialogue on the death penalty, to enhance the effectiveness of the judiciary and introduce a mediation mechanism, promote European human rights standards, combat corruption and money laundering, promote children’s rights, protect personal data and fight cybercrime. It has also been agreed to promote human rights education for young people, develop democratic and inclusive environments in schools and enhance dialogue between national authorities and civil society, while paying particular attention to gender equality. This Action Plan builds on the outcomes of the previous Action Plan for Belarus 2016-2018.

 Additional information about the The Council of Europe Action Plan for Belarus 2019-2021 is available here:


Webinar on Roma rights and equality

On 9 July, a webinar will be organised on “Roma rights and equality” between  3-5 pm CET, in the framework of the regional project “Strengthening access to justice through non-judicial redress mechanisms for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in Eastern Partnership countries”.

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Online lecture on the topic "European Convention on Human Rights"

Online lecture on the topic "European Convention on Human Rights", organized by the Council of Europe for future legal professionals will be held on June 10, 2020 (Wednesday) at 15:00 (Minsk time). The speaker is Irina Vitchinka, a former lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights. Participation in the lecture is free and possible by using the link below.

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Tender file on provision of consultancy/intellectual services on access to justice and violence against women in Eastern Partnership countries

The Council of Europe is currently implementing the project “Women’s Access to Justice: delivering on the Istanbul Convention and other European gender equality standards” in the framework of the EU/Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance II. The project covers six Eastern Partnership Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine)”. The project aims to strengthen access to justice for women, especially women victims of violence in line with the Counc

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