The Council of Europe conventional framework

The conference “The Council of Europe conventional framework” was held at Belarusian State University on December 13-14, 2017. It was organized by Belarusian State University and the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

The conference was attended by more than one hundred representatives of the state authorities of the Republic of Belarus, academic community, non-governmental organizations, representatives of the Council of Europe.

The issues such as the participation of the Republic of Belarus in the Council of Europe’s treaties, legal regime for reservations, declarations to the Council of Europe’s treaties, international soft law instruments and “european constitutional heritage” in the documents of the Venice Commission, the role of the European Court of Human Rights and the implementation of Council of Europe international treaties, the experience of the Council of Europe member-states in involving the society, including non-governmental organizations and academic community, in drafting national laws and regulations were considered within the framework of the conference.

During the event discussions were held on the following conventions: on human rights and biomedicine, on extradition, on mutual assistance in criminal matters, on the transfer of sentenced persons and on the transfer of proceedings in criminal matters, the European Landscape Convention, as well as the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and The EUR-OPA Partial Agreement.