Winners of the "Erga Omnes" competition at the World Forum for Democracy

The World Forum for Democracy was held in Strasbourg from 6 till 8 November 2019. It was attended by four winners of the Republican competition on the Council of Europe law "Erga Omnes" (2019).

They are: Ilya Khromtsov (Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, Gorki), Ekaterina Vinnikova (Belarusian State University, Minsk), Alla Kolosova (Belarusian State University, Minsk) and Bogdan Shnyp (International University “MITSO”, Minsk).

Anna Sizintseva, Administrative and Finance Assistant of the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk, and Elizaveta Shkapets, a representative of the International Law and Arbitration Association, accompanied the students to Starsbourg.

This Forum was dedicated to the issues of democracy in the information age due to the fact that now new sources of information (websites, blogs, social networks) have been added to the traditional media, which allow millions of people to exchange information instantly without control. The Forum participants had the opportunity to discuss the future of democracy, restoring public confidence in the media, freedom of expression, protection of journalists, and some other issues.